Getting your brand, startup, app, or company into local markets requires hard work. To rank well you will want to aim for high-quality content in the local language. You will ask us to make local blogs, get local newspaper inbound linking, use local servers and tweak your results on google.ch/.de, google.it, and beyond.


New clients: Here are topics we will cover ...

"Everything that you do to improve your ranking should push towards LONGER average user visits! And this is done by quality, expanding, original, authority status for your keywords or theme & niche topic."
- Ardan Michael Blum

Passion plays a large role in lasting top ten results!

Many SEO firms bill clients to attend "friendly" lunches and coffee meetings where you will hear an overuse of terms like  "ecosystem" or "iteration". (Some firms even set meetings to plan for further meetings).

This is not how we work. 

You tell us what you want.

We provide what you want.

​And if you want to have lunch with Ardan Michael Blum then that is fine too - but I do not bill people to have lunch.

Welcome! You are visiting the official site of A. Blum Localization Services. We were founded in June of 2016 in downtown Palo Alto, CA. We work to establish brand recognition globally. We provide made in Palo Alto SEO, ORM, Localization (regional web content creation, web translation services, regional blog content, regional data center optimization tweaks) and offer time-tested, organic, lasting, MULTIPLE top 10 results.

UPDATED! You may enjoy visiting our made in Palo Alto SEO guide which includes: "(...) The length of time that a visitor spends on your pages is vital. Everything that you do to improve your SEO should push towards LONGER average user visits. If you have expanding, quality, original content you should aim for at least 3 minutes average visiting time (based on 1000 users). If you can change your average time from 70 seconds to 3 minutes (...)" "Search Engine Optimization Basics"

Boosting organic visibility with new dedicated sites which include events and/or subdomains with glossary and terms is part of the work we provide our clients. See, per example screenshots and details of how we appear 6 times on the first page for PALO ALTO SEO as a search on google.com - info via my Linkedin post.

  • Seeing how we shall boost your inbound links.
  • ​How to validate HTML and CSS. 
  • On how to use metadata in PDF documents.
  • The importance of tweaking robots.txt & sitemaps.
  • On how we focus on new high-quality content creation.
  • ​​Getting a site into SSL/https.
  • Optimizing images.
  • Optimizing on-page factors (H1-H5 tags, page descriptions, titles, etc).
  • Making content ADA compatible.
  • Writing unique, expanding, authority content.
  • Expanding site/blog and social media on a weekly basis.
  • Having valid markup and valid CSS.
  • And much more!


We boost organic visibility with dedicated sites:

Multiple, organic, top ten results are a phone call away: 650 427 9358