Welcome! You are visiting the official site of A. Blum Localization Services. We were founded in June of 2016 in downtown Palo Alto, CA. We work to establish brand recognition globally. We provide made in Palo Alto SEO, ORM, Localization (regional web content creation, web translation services, regional blog content, regional data center optimization tweaks) and offer time-tested, organic, lasting, MULTIPLE top 10 results.


We retain "Independent Contractor" status

Generally, we work on the placement of keyword phrases - product/widget and location/audience. We provide online reputation results in order to rank against negative articles under the name of the client WITHOUT using fake accounts and avatars. We provide true new content by the person, institution, or entity to counter bad press. When it comes to SEO we believe that the only sure way to achieve lasting success is to work on a combination of sites, and social to provide quality, expanding, informative and original content based on chosen keyword phrases to promote the ranking of our clients. Because search results are ever-changing and dynamic, no assurances can be made that the client’s ranking will remain unchanged. That said your status as an AUTHORITY for the keywords you are hoping to rank well for is the key to success. Much less so is the (often over-sold) notion of link building. In fact, in our view, for most location+widget ranking you will get to the top 5 on google.com with a US IP within 2 months if you delegate work to us - as we, by choice, do not wish to enter into the often complex, tension-creating, stepping-on-toes. We retain an "Independent Contractor" status based on results; you get results you keep us or, going month by month if you do not see results you stop working with us. 

Results are defined as the ranking of google.com (unless otherwise determined) with a US IP, and a computer free from cookies. We provide WEEKLY stats and WEEKLY we provide estimates and detailed work reporting. Our month contract is generally based 40 hours per week. We charge everyone a set, very low, but frankly correct 65 dollars per hour.

To enter the top ten and hold in the top 5 you need to aim for longer visitor time - which tells the search engine that your content is human-friendly! Having a "nice looking" site is not what we aim for. We aim for WIKIPEDIA-like for your content. Everything we expand is about this. We will be making you a subdomain with a glossary and FAQ. We work to provide you with MULTIPLE results. Hence assuring your placement in the top 5. This we do with expanding two TIMES a day, every weekday social media posts. 

Some sharing socially:

Passion plays a large role in lasting top ten results!

Many SEO firms bill clients to attend "friendly" lunches and coffee meetings where you will hear an overuse of terms like  "ecosystem" or "iteration". (Some firms even set meetings to plan for further meetings).

This is not how we work. 

You tell us what you want.

We provide what you want.

​And if you want to have lunch with Ardan Michael Blum then that is fine too - but I do not bill people to have lunch.

Getting your brand, startup, app, or company into local markets requires hard work. To rank well you will want to aim for high-quality content in the local language. You will ask us to make local blogs, get local newspaper inbound linking, use local servers and tweak your results on google.ch/.de, google.it, and beyond.


Needed in-house tweaks (before) we start to work:


"Everything that you do to improve your ranking should push towards LONGER average user visits! And this is done by quality, expanding, original, authority status for your keywords or theme & niche topic."
- Ardan Michael Blum


​​Here are a few things that your team will need to (re)check and possibly improve before we start to work together:​

  • Validate your HTML and CSS (as best as possible). 
  • Optimize all images for fast load. 
  • Make sure that you are using a dedicated IP with DNSSEC. ​
  • Set complex passwords with two-step verification for all users and provide all staff with changes to passwords in person. 
  • Set all pages to having canonical tags and geo location tags. (We do the rest).