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A. Blum Localization Services


Ardan Michael Blum founded A. Blum Localization Services in June of 2016 in Palo Alto. Ardan Michael has over 25 years of Internet Marketing experience in Europe. 

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At A. Blum Localization Services, in the epicenter of Silicon Valley, we work on SEO, ORM, TRANSLATION SERVICES & INTERNET MARKETING. 

Our work provides, among other things, MULTIPLE top ten organic placement. Read More.


Our Palo Alto SEO and Localization firm holds to certain values which limit the scope of work. We refuse and will at no time boost the rankings of firms associated with animal testing, the sale of real fur, the use of fur in industry, vivisection or the abuse of animals in any form. Further, we do not boost ranking for "escort" services and do not support web applications, software, or sites expressing violence.​​​​